Don’t Touch that Modem Reset Button!


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True Story from the Medallion Telecom Helpdesk Files

The other day, an employee of one of our clients (who will not be named to protect the innocent) was following the steps they believed should be taken to complete troubleshooting on the store’s malfunctioning POS system (Point-of-Sale). While speaking with their POS vendor, for whatever reason, their POS vendor thought it was an internet connectivity issue and directed the naïve employee to complete a hard factory reset of the internet modem, believing this would solve their POS issue. Now the POS vendor is NOT the internet service provider (we are). Needless to say this did not fix their POS system!
Down goes the internet, down goes the VoIP phones, down goes the entire network; down, down… in a perpetual epic failure— cue: (little Alice falling down the hole after the white rabbit)
We of course do not blame the poor employee of this client! They have no clue! But shift responsibility on the management team and the absence of processes that should’ve been in place to avoid these mishaps.
It’s also worth noting here, not to confuse a modem ‘reboot’ with a ‘reset’. You may occasionally need to ‘reboot’ your equipment by completing a ‘power cycle’. This is where you unplug the electrical power cord to the modem from the wall outlet and plug it back in. Sometimes performing this on your network equipment helps clear up issues and gets your equipment communicating again.
As a small business, if you don’t have a dedicated IT vendor who will handle these types of issues when they occur, and rely instead on your employees to contact the various vendors in completing the communications or networking troubleshooting, you will need to teach them the correct processes to follow. We suggest creating a flowsheet posted next to your network/phone backboard with detailed steps on the process for each possible scenario along with the vendor name and help desk number. Make sure to clearly label each piece of equipment with the name of the providing vendor, and the contact number for the help-desk so your employee can make the connection between what equipment belongs to which vendor as well! Lastly, your vendors should never instruct the employee to touch other equipment they don’t manage! Not their jurisdiction! Your employee should be aware of this too!
So please, please don’t ever press the little reset button on the modem.

Oh ya, and the kicker? It ended up being the POS vendor’s equipment that needed to be replaced!

Thanks for reading!

Medallion Telecom Support Team